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If you are looking for the best education for your child, then choosing one of the best private schools in Richmond would be a good option. Apart from quality education, you can also look forward to a greater focus on preparation for a future career at the best private school. There are many such private schools and selecting one poses a problem. Here are 23 questions that you can ask in the school to understand more about it. The answers to these questions can help you understand more about the various private schools in Richmond to help you evaluate them.

1.How are classes conducted? What is the teaching methodology used? How much experiential learning is used to make teaching effective?

2. What is the ratio of student to teacher? Is individual attention given to students?

3. Are the teachers qualified and experienced?

4. How is the student prepared for the future career? Is there a competent career counselor in the school?

5. How does the school help the student prepare for college admission? Is there a career planning session offered?

6. Does the school offer an AP program or IB to help students prepare for their future? Are there are any other ways of earning college credit while at school?

7. How is discipline maintained in the school? How does the school deal with problems like bullying?

8. How is the student life at the school? What extra-curricular activities are conducted? How do they help students?

9. What effort is put in by the school to help students gain additional skills?

10. What is the tuition fee charged by the school? Are there any scholarships offered or is there a possibility of getting financial aid to reduce the tuition fee?

11. How does the school use technology to make teaching more effective?

12. What is the curriculum offered by the school? How is the curriculum enhanced?

13. How does the school help the students pursue their interests?

14. How is the assessment of the student done? Are there regular assignments, tests, and projects? How are they graded?

15. Is the student given feedback on their performance in the assessment? Are suggestions for improvement given?

16. Does the school take feedback from students about the school and their experience?

17. How does the school help in community building? Are the students encouraged to take part in community activities?

18. What role do parents play in the student’s academic activities?

19. How is the school managed? How are the school operations handled?

20. What is the kind of environment in the school?

21. What facilities are available in the school? How is the school infrastructure?

22. Is homework given to students? How is this handled?

23. What is the track record of the school in terms of exam results and student placement in college and university?

Ask these questions to all the private schools in Richmond BC that you have shortlisted. Compare the answers so you can make an informed decision on which school to choose.

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